The New SocialOOmph

May 26, 2010

The New Socialoomph Platform (formally TweetLater) Is really getting good they keep improving every month they seem to add somthing new to keep up with the ever changing social media platforms. The most recent addition is the Googlebuzz integration you can now schedule your updates for this platform as well. With both Free and paid services Socialoomph is the best platform to schedule your tweets and posts and facebookin, myspacin, blogin, tweetin,  directmessagin, social updatin. Its a one stop shop so to speek and you dont have to switch screens for any of it you can manage from one central control panel. Check it out.

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WordPress Tutorials update

April 15, 2010

Hi Gang Just a quick note to let you know I updated my wordpress tutorials blog

at eLeanwealth .com lots of free videos and an ebook and many recommended sites and products.

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WordPress Tutorials Now Live!

January 18, 2010

HI Gang,

Its finally here, WordPress tutorials all in one place, you can access some 50 plus video tutorials. Learn the basics for the beginer all the way to advanced marketing strategies using the wordpress platform. My site eLearnWealth has been a work in progress now for a year.  Now finally a reality. I hope you like it for more information go to my sales page where I have listed all the benefits and bonuses. I even have videos explaining the very basic techniques of getting a domain name and setting up hosting. Hope you enjoy for more information go here

wordpress video tutorial information

Blastoff The Next Big Social Media Hot Spot

September 22, 2009

blastoff is going to be the next big social media hot spot. It going to allow users to shop on the internet and save 3-50% on every purchase and if they refer people they will also save money when they shop but as the referrer you will get paid a % of everything they buy. How cool is That ? its a win win situation and the best part is its free to get started for more information check out the videos you can sign up for more information here

Official launch is on October 29 you will be able to sign up early if you sign up here on this page

More information on blastoff  Video 2

Official launch is on October 29 you will be able to sign up early if you sign up here on this page

Here is how to use the blastoff network

_60 Cool Twitter Widgets and Apps.

September 7, 2009

HI Everyone, Here are some cool twitter apps I came across. I don’t use all of them but several, Hope you like them let me know which ones you like. I will try to find the best of the bunch and post it here later.


This is a short list of apps I use Often the rest I just checked out, use them and let me know what you think..:)

Tweetlater Has now become socialoomph but same great service. An awesome auto follow back app + allows you to send automated tweets. I use the free service and the paid service This service is responsible for most of my traffic, nice set up Highly recommended.

Tweeterinfluence Is an excellent new teaching program that coaches you to become an awsome twitter marketer. I use the system myself and Dave is very professional and the training video’s are very clear and informative, I highly recommend this product if you want to market something on twitter.

clickbank This is not a twitter application but it is very important to have an account if you are going to market something online and on twitter, affiliate accounts are free and if you have an e-product to sell they will host it for you and do all the accounting for a one time fee of $50. Works awesome

Seesmic Desktop, an awesome little desktop manager for twitter.

Twollow-lets you follow others in a particular niche automatically.

Twitterfeed– Lets you add rss feed to your tweets

Your Twitter Coach– A Paid Program that teaches you to build a large targeted following and how to market to them. I created this to help simplify the reason to build a big following I’m currently making Videos to compliment the system.

Premote my site – This is a newer app that calculates the best people to follow and give you a greater chance for them to follow you back, it tries to eliminate the autobots so you will have a better chance of people reading your tweets, I’ve used on several accounts and it works awesome.

twhirlAnother desk top twitter manager that works well

Tweetspinner– Added this new today 6-18-09 looks like it can be powerful you can schedule auto ramdom tweets and a host of other functions like (twollow,tweetlater, and a few others combined). Seems to work well but the set up is a little tricky, I’m just using the free version

  1. Twitter Search – This, obviously, is Twitter’s own search function. You can subscribe to a search via RSS.
  2. TweetBeep – TweetBeep is a “Google Alerts” for Twitter
  3. Tweetscan – Schedule Twitter searches to be sent to your email.
  4. Twist – Like Google Trends for Twitter
  5. TwitScoop – TwitScoop is a real-time tag cloud of Twitter buzz that also allows you to create graphs based on keyword tracking.
  6. MicroBlogBuzz – MicroBlogBuzz tracks the most popular links shared on microblogging services, including Twitter, Jaiku and Identica
  7. Twit(url)y – Tracks popular links and displays them in Digg-like fashion.
  8. – Hashtags tracks the most popular Twitter posts that include a #hashtag. You can subscribe to an individual hashtag using RSS.
  9. Twemes – Tracks Twitter memes.
  10. TweetGrid – TweetGrid creates a Twitter search dashboard that updates in real time.
  11. monitter – monittor is a real-time keyword-based monitoring service that lets you watch three columns of keyword streams side-by-side. You can subscribe to them using RSS.
  12. ReTweetist – Tracks the most popular retweets.
  13. – Real-time tweets from and/or about Minneapolis.
  14. Qwitter – Qwitter notifies you when someone unfollows you.
  15. Spy – Spy tracks real-time keyword mentions in Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr, Blog Comments, Yahoo News, Blogs and Google Reader and allows you to subscribe via RSS.
  16. TweetWheel – Finds out which of your Twitter friends know each other.
  17. Twitter Charts – Twitter Charts gives you a visualization of when a particular Twitter user is most active. This is an excellent tool to determine the most opportune time to engage a given person.
  18. twInfluence – Ranks Twitter users’ influence.
  19. TwitterGrader – Grades a given Twitter user according to influence. Includes power users by geographic location; suggests who to follow and allows you to check if someone is following you.
  20. TwitterSheep – Creates a tag cloud of all the words in the bios of a given Twitter user’s followers.
  21. TwitterCounter – Provides stats on a given Twitter user and lets you compare that user to two others.
  22. Twellow – Twellow is a Twitter directory.
  23. TweetBoards – Compare Twitter users side-by-side.
  24. TweetStats – Gives you Twitter statistics about a given user.
  25. TwitterMeter – Twitter Meter allows you to enter a word to graph its use on Twitter’s public feed.
  26. TwitterLocal – Twitter Local is a desktop app that finds Twitter users within a fixed radius of a city or zip code.

27. Mr. Tweet – A recommendation engine that also provides statistics on your Twitter      usage.

28. Localtweeps – Find Tweeps near you.

29.  Twits Like Me – A recommendation engine that suggests Twitterers that are like you.

30.  Retail Twitter Aggregator – Aggregates the Twitter feeds of a handful of bricks & mortar retailers.

31.  retweetradar – Tag clouds and trends of retweets.

32.  Twitclicks – Shortens URLs and tracks clicks.

33. – Shortens URLs, counts clicks, shows who else shortened a URL and provides metadata about that URL from across the Web.

34.  Tweetburner – Shortens URLs and tracks clicks on Twitter & FriendFeed.

35.  Twittervision – Real-time geographic posts to Twitter.

36.  TweetChannel – Create Twitter channels.

37.  Twitterfall – Real-time monitoring.

38.  Twendz – Real-time Twitter search engine coupled with related keywords & word clouds.

39.  Tweetzi – Advanced Twitter search engine.

40.  Twistory – Pumps your Twitter feed into a calendar application so you can visualize your Tweeting history.

41.  Twitlinks – Tracks most popular tech links from most popular tech Twitterers.

42.  Twitturls – Tracks popular links.

43.  OneRiot – Twitter search engine.

44.  twopopular – Tracks hashtags and keywords in real time or by time intervals.

45.  Tweet Volume – See how often words and phrases are mentioned on Twitter.

46.  TweetEffect – Find out which tweets gained and which tweets lost you followers.

47.  Tweetmeme – Tweetmeme tracks the most popular links on twitter every 5 minutes, categorized by types of content: Blogs, images, video or audio.

48.  Tinker – Aggregates Twitter conversations around topics.

49.  Tweetizen – Lets you categorize your followers and then follow only that feed.

50.  Who Should I Follow? – Find new Twitter friends.

51. – Find Twitterers you follow that don’t follow you back.

52.  Twitter Friends – Compare your tweeting behavior with other.

53.  Who Follows Who? – Find out the common Twitterers up to five Twitter users have in common.

54.  Tweet Later – Let’s you schedule Tweets and auto follow back and vet followers, an awesome app I use frequently.

55. Seismic Desktop– Is a  really nice twiiter dashboard which lets you manage multiple accounts and organize your tweets

56. Your Twitter Coach This is a ebook about how to market on Twitter without affending anyone, excellent info on how to build a large following and market to them effectively without spaming. worth the cost. It also has an affiliate program you can make money also. Nice

57. Twitpic– App that lets you post pics on twitter nice little app.

58. DailyRT Its kind of a mix between retweetist and tweetmeme.

59. Twitter Compressor is a small application that will compress and capitalize your text in order to save text space.

here is an example: – so what does this do exactly -result- SoWhatDoesThisDoExactly Interesting way to save space

60.– Tweep management tool its supposed to be faster than some of the other ones.

61. twhirl– A little desk top social software manager.

62. Found a nice blog to compliment the twhirl.  at

63.  Premote my site – This is a newer app that calculates the best people to follow and give you a greater chance for them to follow you back, it tries to eliminate the autobots so you will have a better chance of people reading your tweets

64. Tweepular– Is an good little follower management tool, takes a while to load but it works well.

Getting Ready to Launch a new membership site

May 5, 2009

Hey gang, I’m getting ready to launch a new Membership site that will be a one stop source for
Its main focus will be on information for Marketing and Making Money on the web, for affiliate marketing, MLM and Real estate investing. I have learned all the internet marketing courses and real Estate Guru courses. Now is the time to gather all my information and share it with everyone. I need your help though. I want to kow what you want to learn the most and what you need help with the most, and that’s what I will put on the site. Essentially the site will be built with input from you. My intent is to keep updating the information so it doesn’t get stale and to keep up with the latest trends and to worn you of the latest scams so let me know what you would like to see in the site. just leave me a note below or email me at

New update…06-16-09

The site is coming along nicely, I found a web  master thats excellent and we should be able to launch the site in July,  Its going to have all kinds of  internet  marketing training, and list and MLM downline building  and so much more you wont believe its in one place.  You will be able to build your business from one spot instead of having to be spread out all over the net. whether you an affiliate marketer or a Multilevel marketing Guru, this site will have something for you.

Stay tuned