Hey Gang,  This is a blog I wanted to start so I could put up reviews of Various Internet Money Making systems that I have tested personally,  there has been so many, but I’m going to try and just put up the ones that have some value, Also a new Venture I am going to review a  Make Money Program in real time and I’m going to update the post as something happens good or bad.  Later on I will post a list of the Don’t bother with programs. Happy Blogging

R. Cozzo

here is the latest project, Follow me on the jurney to make money online. Lets give it a chance

Blastoff Network 10-21-09

I got to Beta test the blastoff network web portal because I am a prepaid Legal associate, and we got to test the system for a month before launch. We also get a 2 week head start on inviting friends in the system.  Basically this system give a a web portal, for news, shopping, social media, games and more. Completely customizable you can design it how you want.  The best part is when you use the mall function, you will choose your regular online stores from the portal and then when you shop you will save 2-40% on your purchases in the form of cash back, and there is more if you invite your friends they will save money also and you will get a commission on their purchases also. The really great part of all of this is it is going to be free,  thats right FREE, this is going to spread like wild fire.

I have tested this portal to make sure it works properly, I made a purchase and checked on my account and my cash back was registered in 2 days from the purchase.  I went to the blastoff mall and clicked on the Starbucks button and got taken to the Starbucks website, I made a regular purchase of  a SB card I can use in the physical store. The cash back on the transaction was a full 6%.  Cool I save money just getting things I normally get. I’m sure the people above me will appreciate that this works as stated. If we all participate in this I think this system can make us a lot of money. The big launch is tomarrow so i’ll let you know how it goes.

Streamline Funnel System


This is part of the same

My Partners In Profit 7 Day Boot Camp

I am starting to Review another site today “My Partners In Profit”  it has an awsome opening sales page Its simple video but he gets right to the point. It starts with a 7 day free video boot camp series.  You Can get the same here, Then they move you to an automated sales page with more video.  I went ahead and signed up and now I’m working through his automated training on how to set up a sales funnel system, similar to other internet marketing traing but this seems a little more straight forward. Also instead of just training to sell a one shot deal it is prepairing you for a constant residual income.  So far,everything is smooth, I am testing all the way through. I will post my actuall time line from begining to end on how it works.  my start date was 5-27-09. I have a sqeeze page and the autosponder set up with 91 days worth of email. now on to the advertising so this will cost a little depending on how deep I go. So far the system is only 9.95 +9.95 a month for the capture page and 7 day boot camp series for my prospects. You can check out the 7 day boot camp series here so you can see what I’m reviewing its free.


ok I have more things set up and I started an adwords account, Got a unique URL to advertise.  Got 4 clicks cost 4 bucks each oooops there is trouble, I had the url forwarded but forgot to mask it so they wanted to charge a premium for the keywords because of there double ad rule. got it fixed, so now it should work better.  on a good note I got 1 out of 4 clicks to sign up to the video. its a start.

I will keep this one updated as I go through, It looks more promising than the rest,  though the other programs I reviewed will help in the marketing of this product and the others I’m marketing.

I am also going to keep a Running blog on this at blogger here’s the Link:

10-21-09 Update

This program started out really good and was working, but in more recent upgrading activities the support was all about upgrades and no action. The system started to loose momentum and then a slow death, people dropping out fast, I cant recommend this program any longer.  Rating = Over hyped

Google Cash System 4 – Lots of big claims here

Lots of big claims, but I think this system is a little out dated for the new market.  This system teaches  a lot of direct linking techniques, which Does Not work anymore,. They mention this but not load enough, They do teach getting some landing pages and copy cat campaigns, But I cant recommend this one in good conscience.

Google Cash Detective-

tried this, its a nice tool but not worth the money, alot of crucial material is left out, you can pick it up in the forums but not laid out well for newbies. i would use your money for more advertising of a product.

Still in review

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