The New SocialOOmph

May 26, 2010

The New Socialoomph Platform (formally TweetLater) Is really getting good they keep improving every month they seem to add somthing new to keep up with the ever changing social media platforms. The most recent addition is the Googlebuzz integration you can now schedule your updates for this platform as well. With both Free and paid services Socialoomph is the best platform to schedule your tweets and posts and facebookin, myspacin, blogin, tweetin,  directmessagin, social updatin. Its a one stop shop so to speek and you dont have to switch screens for any of it you can manage from one central control panel. Check it out.

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WordPress Tutorials update

April 15, 2010

Hi Gang Just a quick note to let you know I updated my wordpress tutorials blog

at eLeanwealth .com lots of free videos and an ebook and many recommended sites and products.

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WordPress Tutorials Now Live!

January 18, 2010

HI Gang,

Its finally here, WordPress tutorials all in one place, you can access some 50 plus video tutorials. Learn the basics for the beginer all the way to advanced marketing strategies using the wordpress platform. My site eLearnWealth has been a work in progress now for a year.  Now finally a reality. I hope you like it for more information go to my sales page where I have listed all the benefits and bonuses. I even have videos explaining the very basic techniques of getting a domain name and setting up hosting. Hope you enjoy for more information go here

wordpress video tutorial information

Blastoff The Next Big Social Media Hot Spot

September 22, 2009

blastoff is going to be the next big social media hot spot. It going to allow users to shop on the internet and save 3-50% on every purchase and if they refer people they will also save money when they shop but as the referrer you will get paid a % of everything they buy. How cool is That ? its a win win situation and the best part is its free to get started for more information check out the videos you can sign up for more information here

Official launch is on October 29 you will be able to sign up early if you sign up here on this page

More information on blastoff  Video 2

Official launch is on October 29 you will be able to sign up early if you sign up here on this page

Here is how to use the blastoff network