WordPress Tutorials Now Live!

January 18, 2010

HI Gang,

Its finally here, WordPress tutorials all in one place, you can access some 50 plus video tutorials. Learn the basics for the beginer all the way to advanced marketing strategies using the wordpress platform. My site eLearnWealth has been a work in progress now for a year.  Now finally a reality. I hope you like it for more information go to my sales page where I have listed all the benefits and bonuses. I even have videos explaining the very basic techniques of getting a domain name and setting up hosting. Hope you enjoy for more information go here

wordpress video tutorial information

Getting Ready to Launch a new membership site

May 5, 2009

Hey gang, I’m getting ready to launch a new Membership site that will be a one stop source for eLearnWealth.com
Its main focus will be on information for Marketing and Making Money on the web, for affiliate marketing, MLM and Real estate investing. I have learned all the internet marketing courses and real Estate Guru courses. Now is the time to gather all my information and share it with everyone. I need your help though. I want to kow what you want to learn the most and what you need help with the most, and that’s what I will put on the site. Essentially the site will be built with input from you. My intent is to keep updating the information so it doesn’t get stale and to keep up with the latest trends and to worn you of the latest scams so let me know what you would like to see in the site. just leave me a note below or email me at iotovip@gmail.com

New update…06-16-09

The site is coming along nicely, I found a web  master thats excellent and we should be able to launch the site in July,  Its going to have all kinds of  internet  marketing training, and list and MLM downline building  and so much more you wont believe its in one place.  You will be able to build your business from one spot instead of having to be spread out all over the net. whether you an affiliate marketer or a Multilevel marketing Guru, this site will have something for you.

Stay tuned